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Welcome to Interagit's Terms and Conditions of User and Service

Interagit - Technology Engineering & Consulting, Lda, based in Rua Passo Novo, Nº 3, 4535-310, Paços de Brandão, Portugal is an IT Consulting Firm specialized in bespoke solutions for its clients projects. INTERAGIT helps its clients throughout the entire project, from concept to execution and subsequent management.

On occasion and per specific need by the customer INTERAGIT also provides consulting services in the areas of: IT Training, Marketing Strategy, Brand Management, Business Development, Project Management, among others.

The following terms of user compose the set of rules for the use of the INTERAGIT website. By using the INTERAGIT website you are accepting these terms and conditions.

Service Description

In the INTERAGIT website the user will have access to detailed information regarding the services that INTERAGIT can offer such access does not bound the user to any service, at any time of his visit to INTERAGIT’s website. Any interest developed from the user can be satisfied by completing the apropriate contact form.

The Limits of Our Liability

By using INTERAGIT’s website, the User is expressly and exclusivly accepting any and all risks resulting from said use.

INTERAGIT is not liable for damages of any kind, or loss of benefits consequent from the inability to use, business interruption, direct, indirect, special or of incidental nature.

INTERAGIT does not ensure that its website is error-free, uninterrupted or untimely. The results obtained from its use, as well as the accuracy and reliability of the information obtained in its use. The correctness of defects is also not guaranteed.

No Commercial Use

The User recognizes expressly and exclusivly that it bears full liability resulting from the use of INTERAGIT’s website and will not make any commercial use of it.

Only under express authorization from INTERAGIT, can a third-party present INTERAGIT’s website for this use.

User Conduct

The User is the sole responsible for the use of the website. Therefore being subjected to both national and internation legislation.

Compensation Policy

The User agrees, expressly and exclusivly, to compensate and hold harmless INTERAGIT, its management bodies, employees, board, affiliates and partners from any claim or proceeding, including attorney's fees charged as a result of improper use of the website as well as any violation to these terms.

Final Terms

Should any clause be found to be invalid, it is deemed as omitted in scope and extent. However all other remaining clause continue to produce legal effects. If it is considered valid or lawful after the modification or alteration of any of its elements it will be considered modified to better suit the will of both parties.

These terms and agreement are ruled under Portuguese Law.

The resolution of any litigation emerging from it, the forum of the Comarca of Santa Maria da Feira shall be competent.

Last updated: 14 September 2021.